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On the surface, milk may look white and pure but the depths of the dairy industry are extremely disturbing. From environmental impacts, to harming human health and the cows themselves, that glass of white milk comes from a pretty dark place.

The dairy industry has become a mass of factory farms, where atrocities take place on a daily basis. The cows are not seen as living beings, but just machines.

Not only does the dairy industry place cows in horrible conditions, when these cows stop producing milk and become a ‘cost’ to the farms, they are sent to slaughter. In fact, dairy farms send 245,000 cows to slaughter every year.

The video below will have you torn between happiness and grim realization. It will make you happy to see the pure joy these cow exhibit as they literally jump for joy in their field of freedom. However, it will also make you realize that these beautiful animals shouldn’t be literally milked for all their worth, attached to machines and under constant stress.

These 25 cows are the lucky ones. After years of being on a dairy farm just outside Cologne, Germany, they were expected to go to slaughter when the farm couldn’t afford to keep them anymore. This is when Anke Heublein, founder of the fundraising club Save the Cows in Rhein-Berg, took action to rescue the cows from a horrible death.

Heublein’s hope is to allow these cows to live out their entire life span, about 20 years, in a stress-free environment. Her hopes are only possible through donations and support. The video itself is proof that she is doing the right thing.

These cows, like all animals, deserve to live in the world with us, not suffer at our hands. You can’t ignore the happiness these cows experience in this video, which reminds us they are sentient creatures and it’s time for us to let them live again!

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79 comments on “Rescued Dairy Cows Jump for Joy (VIDEO)”

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Jenna Bardroff
3 Years Ago

Something to keep in mind.... Our choice in words can have a significant influence on the way cultures view animals. By referring to bovines as "dairy cows," it is (perhaps accidentally) implied that producing dairy is a cow\'s purpose. Instead, we could choose the words, "cattle used for dairy," meaning that although cattle are used as commodities, that doesn\'t have to be their purpose. Check out www.farmsanctuary.org to learn about cattle who were once used for dairy, but now have real purposes in life.

Gus McCologie
4 Years Ago

There should really be no cows. Cows exist and suffer to gratify humans preference of diet. If you want to "help" cows, be vegan. http://io9.com/5897169/dna-reveals-that-cows-were-almost-impossible-to-domesticate

Linda G
26 Feb 2014

So true Gus. Watching this video was unbelievable and people need to stop torturing and murdering these gentle giants.

Quad Dean
4 Years Ago

Literally jumping for joy!

Amanda Schiller
4 Years Ago

always a delight to watch

Amber Bowden
4 Years Ago

But they suffer when you kill them. Or they get sick. Which is the real issue Colleen Demarcke

Ahava Lelia
4 Years Ago

beautiful.. i pray for a day where all slaughterhouses are emptied of their animals in this same manner.. free to roam the land as it once was and should still be.

Colleen Demarcke
4 Years Ago

I see my boyfriends cows act like that everyday, when they get fed, when they get strawed down, when they get let out to pasture etc. And his cows are still on the farm. I hope people recognize that not ALL farm animals are suffering.

Gus McCologie
24 Feb 2014

And your boyfriend will be able to afford to let them live out their lives without "earning their keep" by spending their lives being forcefully bred, having their young taken away and fed formula, or killed for veal if they are male, after they are past their optimum milk production years. Or does he sell them off to the dog food company?

Valerie Anne Ashton
4 Years Ago

Very Heartwarming Story :)

Mary Rapp
4 Years Ago

This is why I am vegan!!!!

Sam Derrick
4 Years Ago

this is beautiful, so many good feels :)


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