In a recent video from photographer Andrew Skowron, you will witness the heart-wrenching moments before a sick piglet will most likely be put to death or left to die. His siblings seem to sense that something is terribly wrong and lie down near the sweet baby to offer some much-needed comfort. As you can clearly see, pigs are very intelligent and social animals. The sad scene shows the realities of life for animals on factory farms: no respect, no vet, no love.

As heartbreaking as it is, however, this is a common occurrence happening day in and day out on factory farms across the country. And for the surviving piglets, their fate isn’t much better. They will endure immense cruelties either being raised for breeding or eventually sent off to slaughter for human consumption.


While some people might find it comforting to think of their food as something separate or different than the sentient animals we see above, the reality is that this is nothing more than a social construct … and something we can readily change ourselves just by opening our hearts and our eyes.