The magnificent wild Mustang is a glorious symbol of the Wild West that represents the strength, resilience, and freedom that America was founded upon. However, thanks to cattle ranchers and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), their herds are targeted to clear land for grazing cattle.

Chased down by helicopters, tied up, and forced into crates, these beautiful animals are then taken to holding facilities, where they will now face slaughter. Those who benefit from the culling of wild horses typically defend the practice by saying that the horses pose a threat to livestock, but video footage proves that the herbivores coexist peacefully together.

As reported by ABC News, “There are over 45,000 wild horses currently in holding areas, costing taxpayers about $50 million annually.” Rather than end the cruel (and costly) unnecessary practice, the BLM wants to slaughter these horses.

Animal rights activists have legitimate concerns that this practice of culling wild Mustangs could cause them to go extinct. Activist Simone Netherlands explained to ABC, “They’ve stockpiled wild horses in holding pens, and so now what are they going to do with all the horses that they’ve stockpiled? The adoption rates are not high enough so they can’t adopt them all out. So now we have a bunch of wild horses that the taxpayers are paying for and holding facilities and their solution is kill them.”

If you are outraged that our nation’s wild horses are facing this ominous fate, please take a moment to sign this petition on Care2 and voice your opinion on the matter.

There can be great power in public opinion, but many people are still unaware that wild horses are culled for cattle ranches, so please make sure to share this with your network!

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Image Source: Pixabay