The Pennsylvania SPCA is looking for information about a dog who was abandoned in North Philadelphia.

A beautiful Pit Bull-type girl, who has been named Brownie, was found in a terrible condition, having apparently been left to die. Brownie was picked up by the Animal Care and Control Team and transferred into the care of Pennsylvania SPCA where she was evaluated and given medical treatment.


Because Brownie’s open wounds had been left so long and became infected, multiple areas of Brownie’s skin started to die. Even worse, she became infested with maggots. Her wounds needed a thorough cleaning out, and the SPCA worked tirelessly to save Brownie’s life. 

Because Brownie is a fighter, and her carers were determined to give her all the help she could get, this sweet dog started to improve. She was strong enough for important surgery to remove some of the dead skin from a large patch on her head, and this, unfortunately, involved the removal of one of her ears. Here she is after that surgery (we’ve tried to spare you from the worst of it!). Look how brave she is being!

The team thinks Brownie might also lose skin and muscle from around one of her elbows, but despite all she has been through, Brownie is strong and on the road to recovery. Get better soon, Brownie, we can’t wait to hear stories about you in your future forever home!


Abandoned, neglected dogs like Brownie are far too common stories. Every time we are overjoyed about a rescue or adoption, we hear about another case of neglect like this. These pets we welcome into our families cannot just be discarded like trash as so many of our pets are. They don’t know what is happening, don’t know what they have done wrong, and ending up on the street or crammed in a shelter is the only future these poor dogs and cats will know, unless we turn the tide on this wave of animal cruelty.


Pennsylvania SPCA is asking for any information the public has about Brownie, her owner, or even if anyone saw this poor little girl being dumped. Dr. JoEllen Bruinooge, PSPCA Shelter Hospital Veterinarian, said, “While there are many things we don’t yet know about Brownie’s story and how she ended up abandoned and left to die on the streets of Philadelphia, we do know there is someone out there who recognizes Brownie.” Nicole Wilson, Director of Humane Law Enforcement at the PSPCA, explored, “We are asking those individuals to do the right thing and come forward to uncover what happened, who did this and bring them to justice.”

If you have any information about what happened to Brownie or want to know more about Pennsylvania SPCA’s vital work, please get in contact.

Image Source: Pennsylvania SPCA