After seemingly endless protests and calls to action, progress is finally being made in the legal battle to end the Taiji dolphin slaughter!

Every year, hundreds of dolphins are rounded up in Taiji for slaughter. The dolphins that are not meaninglessly killed are shipped off to aquariums and sealife entertainment parks all over the world, all in the name of “tradition.”


After the hunt was brought into the purview of global audiences, thanks to the film “The Cove,” international activist groups have risen in support of ending the hunt, followed by thousands of individuals who are simply not buying the need to preserve such a cruel tradition.

Thanks to the hard work of so many people, legal action is FINALLY being taken against the bloody hunts. Australians for Dolphins, Save Japan’s Dolphins Campaign, and Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Project have all initiated proceedings called “The Action for Angel lawsuit,” in defense of Japan’s dolphins. The legal campaign features the captive “Angel,” an albino dolphin who is being held in deplorable conditions within the confines of the Taiji Whale Museum, who has become the poster dolphin of the Taiji hunt.

The suit has been launched on the grounds that, “the Museum behaves illegally by denying entrance to dolphin welfare experts and observers on the basis of their opinion and race.”

Freeing Angel and ending the hunt will take more than an animal rights suit, but these incredible organizations are willing to take any action necessary to see the end of this inhumane and cruel practice.


Only a few months ago, Angel was swimming free in the Pacific, but after her mother was slaughtered in the hunt, she was captured and put on display, as a tourist ploy.

This legal action is a wonderful first step in Angel’s long, painful struggle for freedom. To help see this legislation against the Taiji Whale Museum pass, sign this petition and take action for Angel!


Image source: Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project via Facebook