The bond between people and their pets is incredibly strong. Losing a pet is hard on everyone in that animal’s life, including the other pets they may have shared a bond with.

This is exactly the case for this story. Reddit user, enns5320’s dog had recently passed away. To honor his late best friend, he bought a statue and hung his pup’s collar around its neck. When he walked into the room where the statue was kept, he saw the most heartbreakingly beautiful thing he ever could have imagined. His cat was hugging the statue of his furry friend.


People often say that animals don’t, or aren’t capable of mourning. Research and personal accounts, however, find that this simply isn’t true. Animals form strong bonds with humans and with one another and the loss of a friend transcends species.

Despite their obvious differences, this cat loved his dog best friend, and he expresses it in this amazing way.

Cat Found a Statute of a Family's Dead Dog and Did the Most Heartbreaking Thing


Lead image source: Emily/Flickr