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Plant-Based Foods That Will Help You Build Muscle [INFOGRAPHIC]


When many people think of vegans and vegetarians, they typically don’t associate those who adopt a plant-based diet with muscles or, let alone, body builders. As much as people like to think, though, plant-based eaters are not scrawny, weak or sickly. In fact, many vegans and vegetarians are quite the opposite, like this 78-year-old vegan body builder, or arm wrestler Rob Bigwood! And, just last year, a vegan strongman lifted a record-breaking 1,212.54 pounds over 32.8 feet. Now, that’s impressive.

So, the next time someone thinks the words “vegan” and “muscles” together is an oxymoron, show them your “guns.” You are about to get strong like Popeye the sailor with these five plant-based foods that will help you build muscles. Time to let out your roar: “Vegan Power!”

Plant-Based Foods that Will Help You Build Muscle [INFOGRAPHIC]


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12 comments on “Plant-Based Foods That Will Help You Build Muscle [INFOGRAPHIC]”

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[email protected] Energizer ingredients
3 Years Ago

Its good to read from this post that plants can also work to build the muscles.Some natural supplements can also help you to lose weight that consist of all natural ingredients.

4 Years Ago

Thanks for the healthy foods recommendation. To build muscle I\'m looking forward to eat such foods. That infograhic is really informative to understand everything nicely. http://quickestwaytobuildmuscle.com

Shelly Miller Crabill
4 Years Ago

Info graphic won't load for me.

Niedel Maull
4 Years Ago

Wally Maull

Shey Rielly
4 Years Ago

Hohepa Anwar

Naomi Jeganathan
4 Years Ago

Heath Jig-boo Jeganathan

Enrique Garcia
4 Years Ago

it is a shame i can never see the complete information. this is how it looks like on my 4 different browsers:

Lana E Smith
4 Years Ago

Nicola Wesley x

Misty Trujillo
4 Years Ago


Gigi Ottobre Melton
4 Years Ago

Tempeh and tofu unless organic are 100% GMO (BT Toxin in the soy DNA) In addition has too much estrogen for boys and men . Also eating soy daily can lead to Hashimoto Thyroiditis for everyone.

30 Sep 2014

It CAN lead to Hashimoto Thyroiditis, but someone with no thyroid issues will almost never get it from soy alone. I say almost never because it is considered very rare. It\'s more if someone is taking medication for their thyroid already, soy may interfere with its effects and a goiter can occur.

24 May 2015

Yes, it\'s important to not eat too much soy, tempeh, and tofu. Too much can cause harm. You know, like drinking too much water can cause water intoxication (hyponatremia)... and eating too much star fruit can cause hiccups, vomiting, weakness, insomnia, altered consciousness, convulsions and hypotension. So back to soy and soy products: Many sources cite 25 grams per day as a maximum, but "The typical Asian diet contains very moderate amounts of soy, about 9 grams a day." [source: http://www.betternutrition.com/eat-soy/ ] And, as with all foods, it best consumed in its whole form - as soy beans - as opposed to tempeh and tofu.

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