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Selfies have defined a new era of photo-taking for the 2000s, and the term even became Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year for 2013.

While human selfies can be huge hits or really big misses, animal selfies are all the rage, because even when animals look ridiculously silly, they somehow manage to still look absolutely adorable.

Here at OGP, we could spend hours looking at animal selfies since once you think you’ve seen them all, another irresistible round somehow pops up.

It’s true – some of these photos were taken with the help of human hands, but others are courtesy of the animals themselves. (Humans shouldn’t have all the fun, right?)

We knew how much you all loved seeing the sea eagle taking selfies of itself, and we just couldn’t resist brining you some more. Below, enjoy our 15 all-time favorite animal selfies. We hope they’ll not only put a smile on your face, but also offer you a good laugh.


M/S ExpeditionM/S Expedition

2. “We’re all about da love, man.”

WolfDogs  / TumblrWolfDogs / Tumblr

3. “AHHHHHH…Can you thee it? Can you thee the leaf?”

Mike Silver / Imgur Mike Silver / Imgur

4. “Do you zee thiz extra fat? Do you zee?!”

AnimalSelfies / Tumblr AnimalSelfies / Tumblr


AnimalSelfies / Tumblr

6. “Cool story, bro.” 

Collegehumor / Tumblr Collegehumor / Tumblr

7. “HI MOM!”

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed

8. “I’m super cute and I know it.” 

AnimalSelfies / Tumblr AnimalSelfies / Tumblr

9. “iPad, iPad, who’s the fairest of the felines?”

AnimalSelfies / Tumblr AnimalSelfies / Tumblr

10. “Oh, did you just trip? HA-HA.”

AnimalSelfies / Tumblr AnimalSelfies / Tumblr

11. “Just look into my eyes!”

AnimalSelfies / Tumblr AnimalSelfies / Tumblr

12. “Woah now, don’t you go moving that camera on me. You gotta get my good side.”

Collegehumor / Tumblr Collegehumor / Tumblr


h-c7 / Tumblr h-c7 / Tumblr

14. “Havvve….you met, Marz?”

marz-da-llama / Tumblr marz-da-llama / Tumblr

15. “Tpthth.”

chouu-fleur / Tumblr chouu-fleur / Tumblr

Image source: AnimalSelfies / Tumblr

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53 comments on “15 Most Adorable Animal Selfies on the Internet”

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Victoria Corson
3 Years Ago

Barb Corson

Toby Forstater
3 Years Ago

Donnie Irvandy

Donna Cundy
3 Years Ago

error 522

Liana Lili
3 Years Ago

saudade do meu gato (o felino, rsrsrs) que papai do céu levou... tão carinhoso, lindo...

Jutta Schmitt
3 Years Ago

This is "Midnight" my son and his girl-friend's cat :) He loves to crawl in and under things and here he wants to be a turtle :D

Séra Clark
3 Years Ago

#sexyandiknowit #catselfie #sosexyithuuuurts #lampin #cute

Dean Fowler
3 Years Ago

How are they selfies? Doesnt one have to take a picture of ones self to make it a "selfie"? Who's teaching these animals how to use phones and cameras .


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