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GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are organisms such as bacteria, fish, insects, mammals, plants and yeast whose genetic makeup has been altered through genetic engineering procedures. Merging DNA from different species, creates unconventional animals, bacteria and plants that are not naturally found in customary crossbreeding or even in natur.

Provisions grown through GMOs can lead to better tasting and longer lasting foods, not to mention, they are immune to insects and are capable of withstanding harsh weather changes such as drought, frost and heat. This allows the use of fewer natural resources, which leads to more crops being grown in more places. But who really benefits from GMOs? An increase in crops provides a tremendous economic gain for farmers, but what about the consumers? What are we really risking by allowing our food to be injected and consumed with GMOs?

1. Commonality of GMOs

In the United States alone, GMOs make up about 70-80% of the foods we consume. Most foods that contain GMOs are processed foods.

2. The Instability of Health

In most developed countries, GMOs have been banned or placed under strict regulations. After the introduction of GMOs, chronic illnesses, food allergies and disorders like reproductive and digestive ones have increased with time. Although thorough research has yet to be conducted directly linking GMOs to these conditions, some doctors are urging patients to avoid high quantities of foods with GMOs due to its unnatural factors.

3. Resistant to Weeds

Seeds that have been subjected to GMOs are resistant to weeds, but weeds growing in the same areas become exposed to GMOs. Over time, the weeds become resistant as well, causing farmers to use stronger chemicals, which affect the safety of the crops that people consume. More chemicals can lead to more health problems derived from the food we eat.

4. Contaminated—Forever

Not all farmers benefit from GMOs. When seeds are induced with GMOs, they “travel” to other farms and even in the wild making it almost impossible to eliminate all GMOs. Organic farmers face the devastation of huge economic losses trying to keep their crops pure when competing. In addition, the health of future generations are placed at risk due to these “traveling seeds.”

5. Suppressed Information for Cash Crops.

Farmers and/or independent scientists, who discover issues with GMOs or attempt to expose the issues, have been attacked, threatened, fired or even denied funding. At the end of the day, it comes down to money. Information that may tamper with the fact that GMOs produce more long-lasting cash crops is concealed.

6. No Labels

Without labels, how are people to know which foods have been genetically modified? Despite an increase for the demand of labels, one of the greatest hazards with genetically modified foods is that there is no legal label requirements to indicate which foods have been altered. Some are labeled with a Non-GMO sticker, but the fact is, a lot of the foods people consume do not have labels so many people are unaware of what they are actually consuming.

7. Unknown Genetic Effects

Because research on GMOs has not been thorough or explicit, the effects that GMOs will have on the greater human race is still unknown. However, considering the health risks of ingesting these types of foods on a regular basis, it is safe to say that GMOs, being unnatural, will have a negative long-term impact on the human race as a whole.

8. GMOs—Not an Excuse for Food Security

Yes, more crops are grown, but at what cost? Powerful monopolies like Monsanto, a genetically engineering company that controls about 90% of the genetically modified foods worldwide are given complete control over the foods we eat. They sell GMO seeds too farmers, which are not inexpensive; therefore, many farmers are forced to purchase the seeds leaving them dependent on major companies or face the vulnerability to hunger.

9. An Unpredictable Aftermath

Exposure to anything that has been genetically modified cannot be considered safe or healthy because it is, well, to put it simply, unnatural! Disturbing the environments natural genetic makeup can eventually result in the reproduction of unnatural animals and plants including humans.

10. A Closed Mouth Does Not Get Fed

One way to help reduce the use of GMOs is to get educated and simply not eat foods that contain it. Patience and portioning are tactics that should be practiced to help eliminate the modifications of our food. GMOs produce more crops versus growing them naturally. Yet, if we allow for crops to grow at their natural rate and portion the foods we eat, a demand to have more than what we actually need will decrease leading to more natural methods to produce our food.

The bottom line is that genetically modified foods are just not natural and have not been proven to be safe. In America, there are not even labels to inform consumers that what they are about to eat has been genetically modified in a lab and not from the earth. Now, that’s scary!

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14 comments on “10 Scary Facts About GMOs”

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Fake News Article
1 Months Ago

I didn\'t actually expect an article like this to pop up. Thank you for enlightening me about the harmful effects of GMOs. Just kidding. It was hard to read this without cringing haHAA. every single one of these facts is not backed up with any solid research and even the ones that are sound questionable to begin with. I don\'t usually comment things like this but this article was just extraordinarily terrible.

2 Months Ago

So basically you think that GMO is bad?
Tell you what, GMO is perfectly safe to eat, just because your instincts tell you no doesn\'t mean no. Because your brain is adapted to seeing red strawberries, not purple ones. Purple strawberries could be strawberries with a purple grape gene pigment. And both strawberries and grapes are safe to eat, so why think that purple strawberries are unsafe?

4 Months Ago

that is a bad word

replique hermes kelly bolso orange
6 Months Ago

replique hermes kelly bolso orange this was really helpful information, i'm planning on redoing my kitchen later this year and will likely get a smoothtop stove (no gas in my house so i'm stuck with electric as my only option). not sure about the cost of this, but what are the opinion…

I like yaoi!!!
6 Months Ago

umm....no help what so ever!

1 Years Ago

She earned her BS in graphic design from Florida A&M University, makes sense, this whole article is BS.

got my fucked up
1 Years Ago

This article has little to no correct grammar. None of your sources are cited and reading this makes me want to rip my eyes out. I\'m only here because my teacher is making me do this for a grade. If I can become a published journalist with no sense of english grammar, why am I even in school???

miss me with this dumb shit
1 Years Ago

no typa sources. this article is easily dismissed by any pro GMO article because the odds are they\'ll actually support their argument. ya grammar is trash too and that\'s coming from someone who doesn\'t even use full words or capitalize the first letter of a sentence.

1 Years Ago

Just thought I\'d let you know that my biology teacher is having my class compare the reliability between this article and another article depicting the harmlessness and benfits of GMOs. Considering no studies are being cited, there is a myriad of grammatical errors, and you are only writing to promote a certain agenda, literally everyone given this project has dubbed this article unreliable.

18 May 2017

Don\'t know who you are, but I completely agree and am also part of this project. F this article!

01 May 2018

I agree. Unreliable and her only argument that has any ground and facts to back it up whatsoever is that it is "unnatural". Also, News flash, just because it\'s not "natural" doesn\'t mean that it\'s bad.

3 Years Ago



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