San Francisco food startup ReGrained is using spent grain left over from beer brewing to make nutritious snack bars.

The company rescues grain used for brewing that normally gets tossed out at breweries, before transforming it into snack bars with flavors like Honey Cinnamon IPA, Chocolate Coffee Stout, and Blueberry Sunflower Saison. ReGrained also uses sustainable packaging for its products.


“Brewing beer processes the sugar out of the grain,” said the company on its website. “This gives us optimal access to protein, fiber, and a whole bunch of micronutrients.”

According to ReGrained cofounder Dan Kurzrock, part of the inspiration for the venture came from his days brewing his own beer. That’s when he noticed how much grain was wasted in the process.

“I was just blown away to see how much raw material we used to make five gallons of beer,” Kurzrock told Forbes. “I had this moment of ‘there has got to be a better way to do this.’ I literally felt like I was dumping out these tubs of oatmeal.”

At rural breweries, the spent grain often goes to farmers to use as compost or to feed livestock animals. But other breweries in urban areas have a harder time putting their spent grain to use, and it often ends up going to a landfill. ReGrained has started taking some of that spent grain that would otherwise go to waste, and the company said that breweries will often simply let them have it for free.


Kurzrock told Business Insider that a brewery uses about a pound of grain to make a six-pack of beer, meaning that with six billion gallons produced annually in the U.S., almost 36 billion pounds may get wasted.

“Their bars are delicious and it’s a great repurpose of what would normally be a discarded material,” said Shaun O’Sullivan, the co-founder of San Francisco brewery 21st Amendment.


“Our goal is to help urban breweries to do more with what they produce,” Kurzrock told Business Insider. “We’re taking something that’s typically wasted and turning it into something delicious.”

You can buy ReGrained’s snack bars on their website.

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Lead Image Source: ReGrained