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Normally, when we think of bacteria in our body, we think of harmful microbes that could potentially make us sick. However, some people don’t realize that bacteria already exists within our bodies and that while some are harmful to us, others are actually highly beneficial. Probiotics, for instance, are a mixture of bacterial strains that are considered “good” and that help our guts establish a harmony of sorts. They help us break down food, take care of minor digestive issues, and help defeat other bacterial microbes that are actually a danger to us.

As people become more health-conscious, we are seeing the food space put more of an emphasis on products with probiotics. While in the past it may have seemed like the only way you could incorporate probiotics into your diet was with yogurt, nowadays probiotics are showing up in foods all over the place. There are old standbys like pickles and olives, but there are also innovative inclusions of probiotics in products like almond butter and even chocolate!

Interested in trying some probiotic-rich products yourself? Check out these 12 you can buy online today!

1. Pickled Planet Sauerkraut 

Pickled Planet Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is one of the most well-known fermented foods. Pickled Planet Sauerkraut is a classic take on the fermented favorite and contains simply shredded cabbage, salt, and live lactic acid bacteria which provides the probiotics. Enjoy this sauerkraut on top of a veggie hot dog, in a vegan Reuben, or with some vegan Bratwurst! Since this is an artisan product made in small batches the $18 price tag is a bit heftier than other options you might find, but Amazon users seem to all agree this one is definitely worth a try, both for digestion reasons AND taste.

2. Hikari Miso White Miso 

Hikari Miso White Miso

Hikari Miso White Miso, is a mild variety of the fermented soybean paste that can be adapted into a wide range of dishes. Make a salty broth for soup, mix it with olive oil for any easy Asian-inspired dressing, or make it into a marinade for all of your favorite steamed veggies! The options are limitless, but one thing is for sure: you’ll be getting a hefty amount of probiotics no matter which way you use it! Plus, it’s just $8 a package!

3. Dr. Marigold’s Magic Tonic Kombucha 

Dr Marigolds Tealixir Kombucha

Dr. Marigold’s Tealixir Kombucha has everything you want in a good kombucha: echinacea, ginkgo, St. John’s Wort, Hawthorn, and of course, probiotics! This fermented beverage is gluten-free and has a light “absolutely delicious” herbal taste with a spicy kick. So next time you have a big lunch, instead of totally splurging with a soda, try Dr. Marigold’s kombucha. Your stomach will thank you later. And at just $3 a can, so will your wallet.

4. Lesser Evil That’s a Good Cookie

Lesser Evil Thats a Good Cookie

If there’s one cookie you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating, it’s Lesser Evil That’s a Good Cookie. This baby has all sorts of good ingredients you wouldn’t expect from a treat: whole grain oats, flax seeds, and probiotics! If only all nutritious things could be in cookie-form… The $11 a bag price tag is a little on the steep side, but how many snacks do you know with this many superstar ingredients? We’re definitely not the only ones who think this product is well worth it!

5. Naturally More Almond Butter With Probiotics 

Naturally More Almond Butter

As if almond butter wasn’t a nutritional powerhouse enough on its own, Naturally More Almond Butter With Probiotics, takes the nutty spread to a new level. This GMO and gluten free spread, has six grams of protein, flax seeds, and has added probiotics that are ten times more effective than common yogurt cultures! With a stat like that, you can definitely see why one jar is $12. Slather this on your morning toast for a happy tummy all day!

6. Real Tempeh You Make at Home

Real Tempeh You Make at Home

There’s something so satisfying about making your own food from scratch. While the more popular method of consuming tempeh is buying the packaged version at the store, Real Tempeh You Make at Home knows that some people prefer knowing exactly what goes into their food. And what better way to do that, than making it yourself? And don’t worry, the package comes with four soybean packets, in case you don’t get the hang of the process right away. And at just a little over $7, it’s definitely worth attempting at least once!

7. Mother In Law’s Kimchi 

Mother in Laws Kimchi

Mother in Law’s Kimchi combines the tart flavor of fermented cabbage, with spicy barbecue flavor and zesty sauces. While Mother in Law’s has several flavors made with shellfish and anchovy, they also just so happen to have an all-vegan variety. Their probiotic-packed artisanal kimchi is a great addition to Asian-inspired dishes. And with one Amazon user proclaiming it’s the “best kimchi they’ve ever had” we think the $9 price tag is not too shabby at all.

8. Pickled Planet Dilly Beans Pickles

Pickled Planet Pickles

Sure, you could probably get a bottle of pickles at your local grocery store, but why would you when you can order it right from the comfort of your home?! Plus, many jarred pickles are actually submerged in vinegar which wilts probiotics as opposed to salt brine which amplifies them. Pickled Planet “Dilly Beans” Pickles are raw, fermented, low carb, have zero cholesterol, and oh yeah, they’re rich in probiotics! Pack one of these pickles alongside your lunch sandwich and your stomach will be feelin’ good for the rest of the day.

9. Harvest Soul Probiotic Juice

Harvest Soul Probiotic Juice

Harvest Soul Probiotic Tropical Juice combines probiotics and a tasty mix of fruits and veggies, to create a deliciously tropical drink. This drink has no added sugar, is high in fiber, has two billion healthy bacterial cells to keep your gut happy throughout the day. This $6 bottle is pressurized very carefully so that all of the natural fiber and nutrients in the fruit stays intact!

10. Cultured Care Probiotic Gum

Probiotic Gum

If you feel like chewing your way to good stomach health, Cultured Care Probiotic Gum is for you! On top of providing fresh breath and helping oral health, this gum is made from xylitol and oral probiotic bacteria that can be beneficial to the health of your mouth, ears, and throat. At least that’s what quite a few Amazon reviewers are reporting! If you want to give this gum a whirl, each pack is a little over $6. Worth the price as long as you don’t end up giving all of your pieces away!

11. Ohso Dark Probiotic Belgian Chocolate

Ohso Chocolate

Everything is better when chocolate is added to it. Even probiotics! Ohso Dark Probiotic Belgian Chocolate combines the delicious smoothness of chocolate, the fruity tartness of raspberries, with over a billion probiotic cultures in each bar! Plus, it’s gluten, nuts, and cholesterol free. Since this is a high-quality chocolate bar it’s a little over $14 per bar but how many other chocolate bars can you actually say are for your health? This is what dreams are made of!

12. Naturally More Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Naturally More Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

As if finding a vegan Nutella replacement wasn’t awesome enough on it’s own, Naturally More Chocolate Hazelnut Spread also has the added perk of probiotics! With five grams of protein and a hefty portion of omega-3s, this spread only tastes like it’s unhealthy! So carry this portable pouch around for whenever you want to add some chocolatey goodness to your meal. Try not to use it all up too quickly! (But even if you do, it’s just $7 a pouch.)

13. Homemade Probiotics

Probiotics Kimchi Burgers

And of course, if you feel like going the D.I.Y. route, there are plenty of dishes you can make right at home that are rich in probiotics! Whether it’s a sauerkraut-filled vegan Reuben, a comforting bowl of Vegetable Miso Soup, this tasty Tempeh Picatta, or these unique Korean BBQ Kimchi Burgers, getting probiotics is not only easy, it’s delicious! For more ideas, click here.

Probiotic-rich products are an excellent addition to any diet. What’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Lead Image Source: Asian Slaw Salad With Miso Ginger Dressing 

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