Eating vegan no longer feels like a restrictive diet — especially when waltzing happily down the ever-changing aisles at Trader Joe’s. This budget-friendly version of Whole Foods boasts a massive lineup of vegan goodies, from fresh fruits to quick snacks, and basically, everything in between that a plant-based eater could ever hope for.

The best thing about Trader Joe’s is that they continue to revamp and add new items to their stores each month. The second best thing is that you won’t break the bank when searching for movie night snacks or easy commute breakfast’s. Rather than discussing which fruit bowls and hummus you can purchase, we’re here to talk about all the new vegan products you can find at the always-reliable Trader Joe’s.


1. Trader Joe’s Cornbread Crispstrader joes vegan cornbread crisps

The sweet yet salty Trader Joe’s Cornbread Crisps are all-natural and contain no trans-fat. They work well with dips, as a side for soups or to eat right out of the bag on your very own couch (we don’t judge here!) They’ll only cost you $8.98 for a big bag, and trust us, you’ll want the biggest bag possible.

One Amazon customer said, “I love these delicious chips. They taste like crunchy cornbread. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s in my city so I have to wait to visit somewhere with a store or order on line. But they’re worth the inconvenience.”

2. Dark Chocolate Orange Stickstrader joes snacks dark chocolate sticks

Caution: this may cause an insane amount of visits to your local Trader Joe’s! These Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks are a unique treat. The center is dipped in a rich dark chocolate, so if you have a sweet tooth, these are for you. Get them for only $7.27! A reviewer said, “Yum! So glad TJ’s brought back a chocolate orange stick.”

3. Peanut Butter Granolapeanut butter granola

Granola + peanut butter = two of vegans favorite things. This Trader Joe’s New Peanut Butter Granola is the perfect combination of healthy and snacky. It has 11g of protein per serving and is made from crunchy rolled oat clusters. You can buy a bag for $10.47


4. Cauliflower Gnocchitrader joes cauliflower

Trader Joe’s started selling Cauliflower Gnocchi, a gluten-free and low-carb alternative to the traditional Italian pasta dish. It’s made of 75% cauliflower and it is sold in 12-ounce bags for $2.69 each, which is a total steal. People are raving about this product online, from Real Simple to Refinery 29, exclaiming that it tastes just like potato gnocchi! Or that, it’s incredibly easy to make and smells delicious. Apparently, sauteeing this dish tastes better than making it in the microwave, and sage tastes great on top.  

5. Scandinavian Swimmerstrader joes gummy snack

These are the vegan alternative to your classic sweet gummy, usually made with bone marrow. Scandinavian Swimmers are gluten-free, kosher and come in a variety of cute sea creature shapes. Surprisingly, they’re sweeter than a tradition gummy snack, but we’re totally okay with that! Buy a 3-pack for $15.41!

6. Spud Crunchies Potato Snacksspud crunchies potato snacks

These gluten-free Spud Crunchies Potato Snacks are a delicious crunchy treat made from potatoes, pressed canola oil and a bit of salt. Enjoy these by dipping into the hummus flavor of your choice, or by themselves as a side dish for your veggie burger. They’ll only cost you $10.30 for a pack of two!

7. 3 Seed Beet Crackersvegan beet crackers

These 3 Seed Beet Crackers are a delicious and unique, but also extra nutritious, alternative to a regular cracker. They’re made from organic beets, which means they will taste fantastic dunked in a veggie dip. You can purchase some of your own for $8.71! But, be prepared to fall in love as the reviews are already great.


Brooklynn said, “this is a great chip alternative!! sodium is low and it has 3 different type of seeds!”

8. Belgian Dark Chocolate Barsdark chocolate bars

These rich and heavenly Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars contain no animal products, and are budget-friendly! They’re crafted from Imported 56% cacao dark Belgian chocolate and have absolutely no artificial properties. Enjoy 2 packs of 4 for just $5.88


Adam. J Sank said, “Holy crap, this is delicious! Since going vegan, I’ve been searching for dairy-free chocolate that tastes like actual chocolate. This is the real deal. Totally scrumptious. I try to limit my chocolate intake to one square per day, but it’s hard not to gobble up the entire bar in one sitting. Thank you, Trader Joe’s!”

9. Rhubarb & Strawberry And Lemon Elderflower Sodastrader joes flavored water

If you haven’t already fallen in love with these sodas, now you will. Trader Joe’s Rhubarb & Strawberry and Lemon Elderflower Sodas will blow your mind. These aren’t your typical bubbly drinks; they’re low calorie, naturally sweet and only about 87 cents a can. Rhubarb & Strawberry Soda is flavored with fresh strawberry juice and pressed rhubarb juice. The Lemon Elderflower soda is made from cold-pressed lemon juice and the essence of elderflower. Get a 4-pack for $3.49.

10. Almond Beveragesalmond milk drinks

Trader Joe’s Blueberry Lavender Flavored Almond Beverage and Matcha Almond Beverage are 2 deliciously new drinks, that are smooth, creamy and dairy-free. Both beverages contain a bit of cane sugar, making them just sweet enough. These drinks make a great morning beverage or coffee alternative and can be served warm or chilled with ice. You can even use them in a smoothie bowl! You can buy one for $1.99!

11. Sunflower Seed ButterSunflower seed butter

Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter is 100% organic and is made from the highest quality grade of sunflower seed available. Contains no hydrogenated oils. Spread them onto crackers, sandwiches or banana slices. Buy a jar for $12.48!


Megan H said, “Having Hypothyroidism/Hashimotos has pushed me into a new realm of eating food. My lifestyle was always rather healthy but since my diagnosis, I’ve noticed allergies that I hadn’t had before. that being said, I tried Trader Joes Sunflower Seed Butter on a recommendation (due to not being able to have peanut butter any longer) and I love it! the texture and consistency is identical and the taste is fantastic! A great alternative to standard peanut butter.”

Lead image source: Shutterstock