When it comes to eating lunch at work, it can be all too easy to fall into a rut, especially if you follow a dairy-free and meatless diet, and like to stick to tried-and-true dishes. Maybe that means making the same sandwich every single day or ordering from the same four take-out places week after week. Maybe you want a nice meal but simply don’t have the time (or ambition) to make a batch of weekly meals. It’s cool, we’ve all been there. Not having time to get in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to eat the same meals every day or dole out cash for take-out, though! Nowadays there are tons of products on the market that are heat-and-serve style or ready-to-eat straight from the package. From salads, soups, and burritos, to full-blown curries, pasta dishes, and noodle entrées, there’s an option for everyone no matter what your lunch style is. Here are 15 ready-to-eat meals we think are worth checking out.