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Yes, we know — avocado IS actually a fruit … BUT, how could we possibly leave out this veggie-like fruit that so many of us love? Plus, it pairs great with all kinds of veggies and is the perfect butter substitute. Avocado is a low carbohydrates, high fat fruit that’s just packed with goodies for you. Plus — IT’S SO CREAMY! If you want some serious cado love happening in your kitchen this week, check out these tips and recipe ideas below. You can also read more about why we love it (and you should too) for further inspiration. Happy avocado eating!


    As we mentioned, we kind of heart this veggie-like fruit more than most people would ever know. See Why We Love the Avocado for its many uses, benefits, and delicious features!

  • How to Use Avocados Every Season of the Year

    The cool thing about avocados is they’re great all-year round ingredients to use in the kitchen, much like potatoes, carrots, and other stock veggies you keep on hand. See How to Use Avocados Every Season of the Year for some simple ways they make recipes no matter what the weather is outside.

  • How to Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

    Before you throw away your next avocado pit, be sure you watch this video. You can actually grow your own avocados just from the pit of one you have at home. Check it out here!

  • How to Use Avocado to Replace Dairy in Creamy Dishes

    Forget the cream, butter and yogurt — ya don’t need ’em! Why do we need animal ingredients when we can just use plants? Pretty simple, right? See How Avocados Can Replace Dairy in All Your Creamy Dishes for tricks you’d never dream of!

  • All our Avocado Recipes

    Now, let’s put these ideas to use, shall we? See all of our vegan avocado recipes for every kind of dish you could imagine!