Haven’t you ever wished you could have your own supply of avocados so you’d never have to worry about running out? Well, now you can! Before you slice up one more avocado and throw the pit away, be sure you save it. That pit is actually the seed you need for a new avocado plant, as the gentleman shows us in this video.

As he explains, the pit from a ripe avocado is all you need to grow your own tree, along with a few creative tools like a few toothpicks, a cup, and … a heating pad. Yes, that’s right, nothing says creativity like that, friends! He also explains that the key to to getting your avocado plant to grow successfully is to simply be mindful of how much water you start it out in, when you transfer it to soil, and how you handle it when doing so.

So, before you throw away your next avocado pit, give it a good wash and put it to good use by starting a new plant. It’s even a beauty to look at it in the kitchen window as a nice decor piece! And the best part? Guac for life!

Lead Image Source: Cayobo/Flickr