Incorporating more raw foods into your daily routine is great for many reasons. Obviously you are getting a ton of nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, but you are also challenging yourself to cook creatively with these ingredients, you’re keeping things a bit lighter than if you were to load up on carbs and processed foods, and you’re taking advantage of the colorful and tasty seasonal produce.

While you can certainly enjoy a raw diet without a ton of kitchen gadgets, having a few around the kitchen can definitely spice up your cooking and make it more fun, too! A spiralizer can transform veggies into beautiful, tender noodles, a seed sprouting jar can turn  you into a kitchen gardener of sorts, and a juicer means having your own personal smoothie bar. What’s not so fun, however, is scouring the Internet looking for products that are useful, affordable, and well-reviewed. Good thing we did all the work for you! Here are 20 kitchen products that are bound to bring out the raw foodie in you.


  1. Conair Cuisinart Immersion Blender

    Immersion blenders are a great tool for a raw kitchen because it makes the process of puréeing and blending fruits and veggies that much easier. Conair Cuisinart Immersion Blender, for example, is a handheld 200-watt device that can easily be inserted into pots, pitchers, and bowls, due to its long and slender structure. Reviewers are saying that this product is sturdy and has plenty of power without being too heavy, is easy to disassemble for cleaning, and seem to love the one-touch on/off button. While some reviews currently on the posting detail a problem with the product’s blades, it appears Cuisinart has repaired the issue because none of the recent reviews mention it. You can get this blender for $27.

  2. BambooMN Sushi Rolling Kit

    Bamboo rolling mats may have gotten popularized because of Japanese sushi, but that doesn’t mean the only thing you have to roll is fish! You can instead stuff rolls with veggies, mushrooms, sweet potato, fruits… the possibilities are endless. The BambooMN Sushi Rolling Kit comes with two rolling mats and two spreading tools. According to BamboonMN, the bamboo-colored mat is for making rounder rolls while the green can make round and square. Reviewers are saying that these mats are sturdy (even with weekly use), will help you save money (from not ordering sushi takeout), and that the differentiation between the two mats is very useful. Considering that the average bamboo mat costs about $5, this four-piece kit for a little over $7 is a good deal.

  3. Pumene Heirloom Seeds Herb Seed Kit

    There’s something so satisfying about growing your own food, or in this case, herbs. The Pumene Heirloom Seeds Herb Seed Kit comes with 12 packets of non-GMO herb seeds, including sweet basil, cilantro, parsley, and mustard. Each packet comes with 100 American-grown seeds, which Pumene Heirloom claims is much more than the typical herb seed kit will supply (reviewers seem to agree with that statement). Reviewers are also reporting that this kit is easy-to-use, yields wonderful results, and is very easy-to-understand, even for beginners. To try your hand at growing herbs with this kit, you can get a 12-pack for $30.

  4. Fenugreen FreshPaper Produce Saver Sheets

    If you’re one of those produce buyers that constantly purchases way more fruits and vegetables than you can eat, trying to eat raw may just end up costing you a lot of money. That is unless you have Fenugreen Fresh Paper Produce Saver Sheets. These sheets are made from edible organic spices that naturally reduce spoilage. Fenugreen guarantees that these sheets will keep your produce fresh for two to four times longer than if you didn’t have them. To use, simply place one FreshPaper sheet into your fridge drawer, salad bag, fruit bowl, berry carton, or on your countertop. Reviewers report that these are definitely a great food and money saver and makes a noticeable difference. To see if you feel the same, you can get a set of eight sheets (which will last 2 months according to the company) for $10.

  5. Magic Bullet

    The Magic Bullet is a unique twist on the traditional blender. Instead of a bulky, square shape, this device is a sleek, bullet shape, that won’t take up as much room on your countertop. As the company relays, you simply have to throw your desired ingredients into the removable “cup,” twist the blade into place, and then blend all of your delicious fruits and veggies! Once you’ve reached your desired consistency, you can simply detach the cup, remove the blade, and enjoy. Or use one of the included caps to cover your beverage and just “mix-and-go” as one Amazon reviewer put it. Reviewers are saying that this product is small, convenient, and great for smoothies. At just $39, this one is definitely worth considering!

  6. TSM Products Fermenting Crock Pot

    Pickled veggies, kimchi, kombucha … there are so many things you can make with a fermenting crock pot! TSM Products Fermenting Crock Pot is made from ceramic and is lead and cadmium free. The water-sealable cover keeps oxygen and mold out. Stone weights are also included to keep vegetables under their fermenting liquid during fermentation. Reviewers have been using this product to make kimchi, sauerkraut, and Italian-style giardiniera, among other things. Reviewers are reporting that this crock pot is good-quality, a nice size, as well as easy to use and clean. You can try one out yourself for $70.

  7. Weber Vegetable Wire Basket

    There are several ways to enjoy vegetables. You can boil them, roast them, steam them, or just eat them raw. If you constantly find yourself with vegetables that lose their vibrant color or crisp texture, then you could definitely benefit from investing in the Weber Vegetable Basket. According to the company, this simple stainless steel basket can be set right on your grill allowing the heat to penetrate the vegetables without rendering them soggy. This is a#1 best seller in Amazon’s Grill Basket category and a quick look at the reviews reveals why. Reviewers are reporting that this product makes is well-designed (even for large amounts of vegetables), is sturdy, and holds up even with regular use. One reviewer even said they “don’t know how they grilled” without this basket. To see if you feel the same, you can get this basket for $20.

  8. Chef's Inspiration Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer

    Chef knives are a great staple to have around the kitchen. However, a simple knife cannot always cut vegetables in all of the ways that recipes require. And if you’re trying to eat raw, it’s nice to have as many different options as possible! Chef’s Inspirations Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer comes with five different blades, that way you’re always prepared whether a recipe calls for elegant vegetable garnishes, somewhat thick stir-fry ingredients, or really chunky cuts. People are calling this slicer “sleek,” “well-designed,” and “versatile.” You can get this device for $30.

  9. Sprout-Ease The Jar Seed Sprouter

    Have you ever dreamed about growing fresh veggies year-round from the comfort of your own kitchen? Well, with the Sprout-Ease The Jar Seed Sprouter, you may just be able to! This device is pretty simple: it’s a glass jar with three different-sized jar toppers. According to the company, the different lids allow you to grow a variety of small, medium, and large sprouts, including lentils, alfalfa, radishes, and more. Many reviewers have reported successful results with this product and say that it is durable, “unbelievably’ easy to use, easy to clean, and a great deal for the price.

  10. Norpro Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer

    Some tools are so simple but so useful, you are surprised you didn’t think of it yourself. Norpro Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer is one of those devices, and at less than $10, it’s an affordable one! According to Norpro, all you have to do is cut the avocado in half, pop out the pit, and then glide the slicer through the “meat” of the avocado. Reviewers are saying that while this product isn’t necessarily “one size fits all,” it definitely makes scooping out avocados easier, helps make slices look more presentable, and is easy-to-clean. You can get one for $10.

  11. Dehydrator

    Dehydrators are an easy, healthy, and economical way to make delicious fruit snacks, vegetables, and herbs at home. They’re also a perfect way to preserve foods without the use of additives or preservatives. The Gourmia Countertop Dehydrator has six spacious shelves so that you can make multiple goodies at the same time. Unlike some other dehydrators, reviewers assure that this one runs quietly and at $99 it’s actually cheaper than what is offered on Gourmia’s website. Can’t argue with that!

  12. Estilo Heavy Duty Nut Cracker

    If you’re a lover of walnuts and hazelnuts, investing in a nut crackers is practically a must. Estilo Heavy Duty Nut Cracker is a device made from solid zinc that is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. The reviews of this product are pretty straightforward: it’s sturdy, works as expected, and is well-designed. You can get one of these nutcrackers for $6.

  13. Hamilton Beach Food Processor

    There are so many magical things you can make with a food processor. Whether it’s fresh hummus, beautifully textured vegetables, homemade pesto or salad dressings, this device comes in handy in more ways than you probably realize! Take the Hamilton Beach Food Processor, for instance. It has a 10-cup capacity, a built in mechanism that scrapes down the edges of the bowl, and has two different pulse settings whether you want to chop or slice. It’s $50 but with some reviewers commenting that their processor has lasted almost ten years, we’d say it’s quite the investment.

  14. Kershaw Pure Komachi 2 Hollow Ground Santoku Knife

    So, you might be wondering why, in a kitchen full of knives, you should invest in a fancy one with a mouthful of a name. Well, there are a few reasons the Kershaw Pure Komachi 2 Hollow Ground Santoku Knife, and santoku knives in general, are worth checking out. They have durable handles, a scalpel-like sharpness, and can be used for several different types of cutting including dicing, mincing, slicing. Reviewers are reporting that this knife is extremely sharp, a “great value,” and can be used “for everyday and for everything.”

  15. Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker

    Nowadays there are a ton of non-dairy yogurts on the market. However, if you want to save some money, and create a healthy raw yogurt, you should consider investing in the Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker. This yogurt maker enables you to make up to 42 ounces of yogurt in just 6-10 hours. You simply make your yogurt mixture, pour it into the seven available containers, and set the digital timer. Although this device is marketed as a regular yogurt maker, one reviewer called the company up themselves and confirmed that it can, indeed, make dairy-free yogurt, as well. You can get this device for about $49.

  16. Krups Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

    Spices and herbs can elevate a bowl of bland veggies quickly and easily. While you certainly can buy an array of spices and keep a well-stocked cabinet, you can also invest in a spice grinder. This allows you to only make as much spice as you need and have it ground fresh, right before you cook. Krups Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder is the number one best seller in Amazon’s electric coffee blade grinders section. This device has a 200-watt motor and stainless steel blades that, according to the company, can grind coffee beans, spices, herbs, nuts, and grains. Reviewers report that this product is durable and efficient. Many reviewers have had success grinding spices in this machine, with the exception of cloves which apparently are very resiny and can cause the machine to clog. You can get this device for $20.

  17. Black and Decker Juice Extractor

    Drinking a freshly-made juice  is always a good way to greet the morning. However, buying one everyday from a juice bar is not only a strain monetarily, it’s unnecessary! Instead, consider investing in a device like a Black and Decker Juice Extractor. It has a 400-watt motor, a stainless steel cutter, and an integrated pulp container. Reviewers describe this device as easy to assemble, easy to clean, and generally good-quality. You can get this device for $31.

  18. The Coconut Tool

    Have you ever passed coconuts in the grocery store, got tempted to buy one, but then walked away because you knew that carving it would be difficult? Well, if this has ever happened to you, than you might consider investing in The Coconut Tool. It is made with a durable handle and a stainless steel blade specifically designed to carve out coconut meat. Reviewers are reporting that this tool is a “great timesaver,” works great, and is a “must have” for natural coconut lovers. You can get one of scoopers for $20.

  19. Nut Milk Bags

    There is something so satisfying about making your own food from scratch. Whether it’s homemade condiments, nut cheese, or dressings, it’s always nice to know exactly what ingredients are going in and how much. With nut milk bags making your favorite non-dairy milk is super easy. Havesome Goods Nut Milk Bags, for example, has tightly woven mesh on their nylon bags, which allows a good straining action and an easy passage of liquid. As one Amazon reviewer pointed out, you can even make freshly squeezed juice with these bags. You can get one for $8.75.

  20. Premium Vegetable Spiralizer

    Have you been dying to get into the new trend of turning your vegetables into noodles? Well, with the Premium Vegetable Spiralizer, you can! It’s pretty simple. As the company explains, you just take a sturdy vegetable of your choice, like a zucchini or carrot, give this spiralizer a couple of twists, and voila! Beautiful vegetable noodles for refreshing pasta entrées or salads. This spiralizer has stainless steel blades and the whole device is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Considering this spiralizer is the #1 best seller in Amazon’s Peeler section, we’d say the $12 price tag is a total steal!

    Are there any kitchen gadgets you would consider a must-have for someone trying to eat raw? Let us know in the comments!

    Lead image source: Syda Productions/Shutterstock