Incorporating more raw foods into your daily routine is great for many reasons. Obviously you are getting a ton of nutrients from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, but you are also challenging yourself to cook creatively with these ingredients, you’re keeping things a bit lighter than if you were to load up on carbs and processed foods, and you’re taking advantage of the colorful and tasty seasonal produce.

While you can certainly enjoy a raw diet without a ton of kitchen gadgets, having a few around the kitchen can definitely spice up your cooking and make it more fun, too! A spiralizer can transform veggies into beautiful, tender noodles, a seed sprouting jar can turn  you into a kitchen gardener of sorts, and a juicer means having your own personal smoothie bar. What’s not so fun, however, is scouring the Internet looking for products that are useful, affordable, and well-reviewed. Good thing we did all the work for you! Here are 20 kitchen products that are bound to bring out the raw foodie in you.