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Go Crazy for This Vegan March Madness Menu!

Your March Madness bracket is filled out and you’ve already told your boss that you have a “doctor’s appointment” on the afternoon of the first Thursday. But, have you even considered what you’re going to eat?

Why not skip the greasy bar and grill food and host a March Madness party of your own. Whether it’s a weeknight game or the Final Four, you can find some great vegan recipes for your b-ball fans. Here are some tips and recipe suggestions for your party:

  1. Keep it easy-peasy. Create a burger dressing station with condiments like the usual tomatoes, onions and lettuce but, add in a favor boost with banana pepper rings or chutney. Any one of these burger recipes will win over the crowd.
  2. Serve fancy finger foods. Sure, you can always serve the standard potato chips, but why not mix it up with Vegan Salmon Patties, Colcannon Quesadillas or Corn Fritters with Sweet Chili Sauce. If it’s a late game try Bourbon Caramel Popcorn.
  3. Make ahead salads. Watching the ball game doesn’t give you a pass to forget about eating your greens. Salads like Easy Seaweed Salad and Grilled Beet Salad are easy to prepare before your guests arrive.
  4. Drink (environmentally) responsibly. Barnivore is a fantastic site that lists all beers, wines and liquors. Type in the brand name of your favorite beer, wine or liquor to see if it’s vegan-friendly. New Belgium beers, Boulevard and Grey Goose vodka are a few great brands that don’t use animal by-products in the production process.
  5. If you’re watching with kids: keep them happy. Whenever we have a big game to watch, the kids like to pull out the iPod and toys. We really can’t expect the kids to sit through every quarter of the game without going stir-crazy. The kids always start out watching the game but, end up rotating between video games, playing on the floor and returning to the game. The living room floor is a mess, but everyone’s enjoying a relaxing afternoon. Why not make a special treat like Chocolate Caramel Donuts or Gluten-Free Fig Newtons just for the kids?

Good luck with your March Madness brackets! May all your teams win, unless they’re playing KU.

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