Coconut flour is a wonderful alternative to all-purpose flour when baking and cooking. There is a lot to love about this grain-free superfood. For one, it adds a deliciously light and moist texture to baked goods, it is one of the most nutritious grain-free flours out there, and it’s incredibly versatile. You can use coconut flour for battering and frying, thickening oatmeals, adding a superfood boost to smoothies, and making light and sweet baked treats. While all-purpose white flour is stripped of its nutrients, has highly-refined carbohydrates, is filled with gluten, and has even been shown to influence addictive eating behavior, good quality coconut flour is not bleached or deodorized, is nutrient-rich, and provides a good amount of fiber and protein. Making coconut flour from scratch can be a bit of a messy and time-consuming process. Thankfully, there are plenty of readymade coconut flours on the market today from many of the same companies that specialize in making grain-free and gluten-free goods. Here are 14 we think you should check out.