Gluten-free and grain-free flours are a wonderfully healthy and versatile alternative to all-purpose wheat-based flour. You may be asking yourself, what’s wrong with all-purpose flour? Well, all-purpose white flour is stripped of its nutrients, has highly-refined carbohydrates, is filled with gluten, and has even been shown to influence addictive eating behavior. Alternatively, grain-free flours like almond flours are usually made with just one ingredient: almonds. Almond flour is also high in protein, high in fiber, and low in carbohydrates and you can use it to make delicious desserts, or in savory dishes.

And while all almond flours may seem alike when lined up on the shelf, there are actually some major differences between brands. There’s blanched and unblanched, raw and milled, and meal and flour. Flour, not to be confused with meal, is much finer, and depending on just how finely it is milled, can either be used for denser desserts like cakes and pastries, or very delicate desserts like macarons. While you can certainly make your own almond flour at home with a food processor or strong blender, you can also make your life a little easier and purchase almond flour right online! Here are 14 almond flours we think you should check out.