5 Super-Vegan Waffle and Pancake Mixes
Image Source: Rebecca Siegel/Flickr

There may be nothing better on this Earth than waking up to the smell of pancakes sizzling or waffles cooking.  These are staples in a weekend breakfast or brunch, elevating the average morning meal to a decadent feast.  While making your own from scratch can certainly be a labor of love, most of us enjoy the ease of opening up a box, measuring out some ingredients, and, in no time, enjoying sizzling hot waffles and pancakes.  The problem is that most recipes and mixes for good, buttery, melt in your mouth pancakes and waffles contain non-vegan products or call for milk or eggs.  However, we believe that no person should be denied these kings of breakfast food, so we rounded up five vegan waffle and pancake mixes for you to use for your next Sunday brunch.

1.  Surprisingly Vegan Waffle Mix


surprisingly vegan

Surprisingly Vegan’s gluten free waffle mix is delicious, nutritious, and convenient.  They use wholesome ingredients such as non-GMO oats, walnuts, flaxseed, coconut palm nectar, vanilla beans, and sea salt.  All you need to add to make these fluffy waffles is water, then mix and enjoy in no time.  This mix contains nothing artificial and no preservatives, only made with minimally processed ingredients.