Healthy food, especially healthy vegan food, usually has a reputation for being bland, thin, and, well, tasteless—which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Vegan meals can be just as rich and savory as non-vegan meals, and the added bonus here is that no matter what you add to your cruelty-free salad, sandwich, cake, or whatever to give it substance, it’s bound to have tons of nutritional benefits.

There are tons of ingredients out there that will turn a regular vegan meal into a decadent, delectable dish that’ll even make non-vegans’ mouths water. Check out some recommendations below, and feel good knowing that by adding these simple ingredients to your meals, you’re feeding your body with nothing but healthy (and tasty) food!


1. Medjool dates


This dried fruit is prized not only for its size (it’s considered the “king” of all dates), but for its sweet taste and unique texture too. The stickiness of medjool dates makes them perfect for sweet treats: blend a few with some water to make caramel; process them with almonds, coconut oil and chocolate chips for a healthy alternative to cookie dough; add them to your favorite vegan brownie recipe for a more fudgy texture; or simply chop them up and throw them on top of your oatmeal in the morning. They’re also packed with fiber, potassium, and good carbs, and that alone makes it hard to only eat a few (just don’t forget to pit them!).