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We are starting to learn that chocolate has some amazing health benefits, such as hosting a ton of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, as well as promoting cardiovascular health, relieving stress, and enhancing one’s mood.  The problem is that most chocolate bars are loaded with sugar and milk, which negates almost all of chocolate’s health benefits.  Raw chocolate, known as cocao, has the most nutritional benefits, but can be quite bitter in taste.  If you can’t stomach the raw form, dark chocolate, made from cocoa – roasted chocolate beans – still has an incredible amount of health benefits.

While vegan chocolate bars, by default, are dark chocolate, another problem with most candy bars is that they are loaded with calories and offer little to no nutrients. We all know the saying “everything in moderation,” but why would you choose to chow down on empty calorie bombs when you can get the same enjoyment from delicious bars that happen to be full of superfoods, wholesome ingredients, and nutrients.  Thanks to these 10 bars, it is definitely possible to have your candy and eat it too.

1.  Sunbiotics Probiotic Chocolate Bar


Sunbiotics has taken healthy organic raw chocolate and brought it up a notch by adding probiotics. Their bars are made with raw cacao nibs, a superfood full of fiber, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, and antioxidants.  Then, they add yacon root, a prebiotic, and 200 live probiotics, which are essential for intestinal health, and may even play a key role in one’s overall health.  Sunbiotic also uses the low-glycemic sweetener coconut sugar. Each bar is organic, raw, and gluten free.

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