Laura Miller is the talented creator of Sidesaddle Kitchen and is on a mission to get people excited about nutrient-dense, plant-based foods (that aren’t gross).

Laura first caught people’s attention while showcasing her vegan desserts at the Underground Market organized by ForageSF (an organization that promotes foraged and local cuisine in San Francisco). The unlicensed market was eventually shut down by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, but Laura continues to create and share amazing recipes.


We LOVE these 10 amazing raw vegan (and not gross) recipe videos she created for TasteMade!

1. Chocolate Truffles

2. Peach Lavender Popsicles

3. Vegan Tacos


4. Not Chicken Nuggets

5. Raspberry Tart

6. Chocolate Avocado Pudding

7. Blackberry Green Shake


8. Kale Chips

9. Spicy Mango Chili Wraps


10. Mint Chip Ice Cream