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Raw Vegan Caramel Apple Pie [Vegan]

The perfect dessert for Thanksgiving! Imagine this lovely pie sitting on a cake stand...who wouldn't be drooling over it!? I've used a raw buckwheat and walnut crust with coconut and raisins in the mix, too. Then, I've put down a gooey layer of decadent raw caramel, and topped it off with sweet apple slices. To use sprouted buckwheat in the recipe, you can follow the instructions below: To use sprouted buckwheat in the crust, follow these instructions: Soak buckwheat groats for 15 minutes . Rinse really well. Place buckwheat in a sprouting tray or in a sieve or tray on the counter. Allow buckwheat to sprout which will take 1-3 days. Rinse every few hours. When tails have sprouted, place in dehydrator until dried. Alternatively, you could probably dry these in the oven. Use lowest temperature and leave door cracked open. Watch very carefully. I hope you enjoy this Fall recipe.
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