After the devastating wildfires in California in late 2017,  43 people were killed, thousands of homes were destroyed, and countless animals were displaced from their habitats and homes. Of these animals are hundreds of cats who frantically tried to get away from the fires as best as they could. Now in the aftermath of the fires, there are selfless volunteers working to find and return the cats to their rightful families.

The volunteers are led by Jennifer Petruska, a dedicated animal lover, who is tracking and trapping cats to reunite them with their families. Faith in humanity restored!


Jennifer and her team of volunteers, who call themselves the “Pet Rescue and Reunification” team, have already caught 70 cats. Even still, the team believes dozens more may be missing. 

The team uses night-vision cameras in storm drains and other locations where cats may go to hide. Every evening the team set traps with tuna and mackerel and check the traps every hour until dawn.

They have also set up a “found pet kiosk” to help guardians find their felines. 

This lucky cat seems so grateful to be back in their dad’s arms! 


The pet guardians are appreciative of Jennifer’s tireless work. “I just wanted my cat – that was the only thing I wanted back. I spent hours every single day looking for her,” one of the local residents told the Telegraph.

Some of the cats have been found with burned paws, singed whiskers, and have lost a lot of weight. The Pet Rescue and Reunification team are working around the clock to save as many cats before the chilly temperatures drop further.

If you, or someone you know, have lost an animal during the fires, authorities recommend checking your local shelters social media pages. Often times, shelters will update their pages with pictures of found animals. For more tips on what to do if your four-legged friend goes missing, click here.

Big thanks to The Pet Rescue and Reunification team for their diligent work on behalf of our feline friends!


Image Source: Jennifer Petruska/Facebook