Here, at OGP, we always advocate for an animal’s freedom — an ability for them to walk where they want to walk and swim where they want to swim, away from captivity. We asked you to reconsider going to a zoo and gave you 10 reasons to skip the visit. We also asked you to reconsider visiting a marine theme park with these 5 reasons.

However, what happens when wild animals want to be in a building or human-made structure? What do we do when animals want to be indoors (at least, for a little while)?


Well, we let them do their own thing, of course! Approaching a wild animal is never the answer and either let them do what they need to do (while you’re out of harm’s way) or call the appropriate organizations.

In the video above, watch as a bear decides to take a break from everyday life and walks into New Mexico’s Angel Fire Resort. He walks around the lobby, waiting for some service, but there’s no one there. He then walks by the gift shop and decides to step in for a little souvenir — again, there’s no customer service. This curious bear is definitely giving this resort bad reviews.

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