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WATCH: Congressman Steve King Defends Dog Fighting

WATCH: Congressman Steve King Defends Dog Fighting

During a recent tele-townhall event, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) defended the rights of Americans who want to see animals such as dogs fighting against one another.

Rep. King took issue with an amendment to the Federal Farm Bill that would criminalize attending organized animal fights and would impose additional penalties on people who bring children to the events.

His reasoning can be summed up as follows: “If it’s not a federal crime to induce somebody to watch people fighting, there’s something wrong with the priorities of people [who think inducing someone to watch animals fighting is a crime].”

Hmmm…where do we begin Congressman King? People choose to fight (and get paid for it), but animals don’t get that choice. If you can’t comprehend that, there’s not only something wrong with your priorities, but also with your mind!

Watch the clip below, and try to stay calm (Warning: we found it hard to)

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7 comments on “WATCH: Congressman Steve King Defends Dog Fighting”

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4 Years Ago

[email protected] from the Uk and I am disgusted that there are people like this running for powerful places in the US society. I have rescued a Staff Bull Terrier that was once owned by a local drug dealer that tried to use him for fighting, luckily he was arrested and the dog was removed and now he has a safe and loving home with me. I know this crap goes on and it is so wrong, this Congressman King should be put in a pit with aload of angry animal lovers see how he likes it....what a knob!!!!!

Emma Tameside
5 Years Ago

What a shame that these kinds of events still happen in the world. So many people have worked so hard to protect animals and this man simply disregards all of it with this one event. It really makes me angry that people could act in such a sadistic way towards animals. This is exactly why I do my best to donate to my local animal charity and shelter, so that at least I can do my best to protect some of the animals out there facing such cruelty!

5 Years Ago

Hes probably defending it because he has underground dog fights himself.. I bet Mity Romney is on his side. Ugh please never let this man become president, ours has already legalized horse meat in the US. Sick and useless to use!

sherry mothershead
5 Years Ago

He had a point. Why do we watch humans beat up on each other? 1st, they make a conscience decision to do so. Humans can make the decision to walk away. The dog is made to fight, and follows his instincts to defend himself, when put in that position. Not only does the dog not have a choice, and if he does overcome baser instincts, he's beaten for NOT fighting. This man is IGNORANT! He knows nothing of animals, and the control we have over them, either for good or evil. He must have been a product of child abuse.

Barbara Perkins
5 Years Ago

must have been beaten when he was young. I guess serial killer next.

Jeana Ward
5 Years Ago

I guess any idiot can run for office. He might as well quit politics now.

5 Years Ago

I sincerely wish I lived in Iowa now, so I could vote against this jerk, and do everything I could to make sure he is not elected again.


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