It’s a weekday and, most of the time, waking up early can be tough. You want to curl back in bed and catch up on some much needed sleep. However, responsibilities and priorities trump that sleep schedule of yours, and you now treasure those lovely, childhood nap times you use to have taken for granted.

In the video above, watch as sleepy puppies and kittens doze off to the sound of the lullaby, “Go to Sleep Little Baby.” Caution: This adorable compilation of 10 sleepy animals might make you sleepy too!

We all know the feeling of dozing off in class, or maybe when you’re at work, it’s an embarrassing thing that happens to the best of us. Know that even adorable animals can’t keep it together sometimes when they just really need a nap. Case in point: Baby rhino, Gertjie, and baby elephant, Faa Mai. Naps are a lovely thing.

For more cute animals falling asleep, check out the videos below:

 Puppies Trying to Stay Awake in the Morning Sun

Sleepy Cat Is So Tired That It Knocks Out

Kirby the Bunny Nods Off

Sleepy Spudgy Just Can’t Keep His Eyes Open