The stray animal population in America is currently out of control, with an estimated 70 million homeless animals nationwide. Of these, only about six million will ever make it into animal shelters, with only a third of that amount getting adopted or rescued. This situation is often much worse in poor or rural areas of the country, where people often don’t have the money or resources to care for pets.  So when a Texas woman found a homeless dog with a painful face full of porcupine needles, she knew that she had to help. Rounding the animal into a cage, she took it to Dr. Matt and the kind people at Vet Ranch for help.

Vet Ranch is a non-profit animal rescue group founded by Texas veterinarian Matt Carriker, that is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals. Because they rely heavily on donations, they are able to operate outside of the usual shelter system and treat animals that might otherwise be put down. As was the case for this poor fella, nicknamed Piney, who had never known human kindness before this. Thanks to Dr. Matt and the kind people at Vet Ranch, Piney got everything he needed to start out a happy new phase in his life, proving once again how a little kindness can save a life.


If you would like to learn more or donate to The Vet Ranch Rescue, please visit their website, here.