Are you sitting down? You might want to because we have the cutest animal story to share with you! When a group of truckers was on their way to deliver cargo to Nata in Botswana, they had to stop due to a bridge being washed away by heavy rains. It turns out it was a great thing they did because once they stopped, a baby elephant came out from the bushes to say hello and see if he could hitch a ride.

The men looked for the baby elephant’s herd but there were no other elephants in sight. Seeing that the little one clearly needed some water, the kind men gave the three-week-old baby some water and also called the nearest animal sanctuary for help. Watch the above video of the elephant happily gulping down some water from the men!


Once the bridge was repaired, the truckers loaded up their newest member and headed to the Botswana Elephant Sanctuary to deliver the baby elephant. We are so happy the truckers decided to stop and help the little one. With elephants facing the looming threat of extinction, every single individual that can be saved is a huge win for the entire population. Share this adorable video with your friends and family to put a smile on their face!