Most dog caretakers would consider their dog a best friend and part of the family. As our dogs get older and develop various health issues, we all dread the day that our sweet pup can’t go on any longer. After they’re gone, it takes time to mourn, and it can often be a while before we feel happy again.

After Alex lost his beloved Chihuahua, Milo, he didn’t think that he could go through getting another dog. But then, he saw the picture of two eight-week-old puppies that were rescued from a bad breeding situation and knew he had to give them a forever home.

The pups, Branco and Onyx, were covered in fleas, extremely tired, and seemed frightened most of the time. Branco was also diagnosed with Parvo, which required two weeks of constant care. Once Branco was healed, and both puppies started to gain a little more energy, they became so playful! They loved wrestling, cuddling, giving kisses, biting Alex’s beard, and taking charge of the house.

The pups weren’t the only ones who were rescued, Alex was too. These dogs brought him so much joy that he didn’t know that he could experience after losing Milo. It’s so amazing to see the impact that animals can have on people’s lives. This video is so sweet, and we’re so happy that they all found each other.

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