Have you ever wondered if Veganuary makes a difference in your health? Well, TikTok user @relauren convinced her dad to sign a contract promising that he would commit to Veganuary and eat plant-based for the entire month. His results were shocking! After the month was over, he had a checkup with his doctor and his blood pressure went from 139/83 to 111/72! His doctor even decreased his medication in half, after seeing an amazing improvement.

To those unfamiliar with the lifestyle, going meatless for a month may seem daunting, but this story is proof of the positive difference it can make in your health. Just one month of eating vegan can balance your body weight, improve heart and vascular health, improve blood sugar control, reduce joint pain, improve bowel health and regularity, and reduce cancer risk, according to a news source. Going plant-based is one of the best things you can do, not only for your body but for animals, and the planet. If you’ve been feeling slightly sluggish lately, haven’t been feeling your best, or think you’d like to try to eat a more humane diet for whatever reason, you’ll soon experience and be able to enjoy the amazing benefits of veganism as you embark upon the journey.

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