Elephants know how to have a good time. Rajesh is loving his life as a free elephant at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center run by Wildlife SOS – India. He can submerge himself in the cool pool and use his trunk as a snorkel for his underwater shenanigans. Life wasn’t always swimming and relaxing for this big guy, though. He was rescued by Wildlife SOS from a circus in December 2010. His horrible life at the circus led to psychological problems, and Rajesh used to sway violently. He often had all of his legs tied at the circus, which led to some abnormal behaviors for this poor animal.

All that is behind him now, though, thanks to Wildlife SOS! His life is chain-free and full of delicious fruit, plenty of pool time and tons of relaxing like he deserves. This 35 year old guy is living a life he used to dream about.


If you are interested in sponsoring this handsome elephant, you can visit the Wildlife SOS – India website here. You can read all about Rajesh and other elephants this wonderful organization has saved.