We all have conversations with our pets when no one else is around. Heck, even when other people are present, we still talk to our animals. They just understand us better than other any living being – plus, they mostly always agree with us, so why would you ever want to ask for anyone else’s opinion?

While one-sides conversations with our pets might be a nice little confidence booster, have you ever wondered what they are really thinking when we ask them questions? If you are the lucky guardian of this brilliant Pit Bull, he will tell you flat out! When his guardian asks him if he’d like to go out, he firmly and very clearly tells her “no.” When asked if he wants a cookie, however, he responds with a resounding “YES!”

We have to hand it to him on the stellar decision making there. Now this a dog who we would want to trust with our very serious life-advice questions.So, little Pit Bull … should we pursue our dreams of becoming a pop-star?