Poor guy just wants to nap! But his dog won’t let him. As soon as his Dad lies down, this dog snuggles right up with him. Aww… cute cuddles, right? But no… this dog is a nap jerk, like a mischievous toddler. He snuggles right up to his Daddy and then mid-nap starts wiggling and licks him in the face. He paws at his hands and nuzzles him in the ear.

It’s like the dog is saying, “Dad, Daaaaad! This is boring! ‘Lie on the couch and stay there’ is a stupid game. Let’s play fetch instead! Or go for a walk. Come on, Daaaaad!”


This poor tired pet parent can’t catch a break with his pup, who thinks it’s terribly funny to wake him up every other minute. Thing is, the dog is right! It is terribly funny. Just watch for yourself. Can you keep from laughing?