Instagram user yourmahm was taking photos with his GoPro camera when his curious cat Manny reached out to touch the camera. The resulting cat-selfie was so stunning, that this Imgur user had to see if he could get this grey tabby to take more photos. He was successful … and the resulting fabulousness of the selfies was so great that he had to share. Manny is actually a former stray who met yourmahm by chance, but now they’ve adopted one another and taking photos is their shared hobby.

“Hello, world! It’s me, Manny da cat!” 


“Just catchin’ some rays and catchin’ my best angles too.”

“#SquadGoals … amirightttt?”

“I calls this ‘the perfect smize.’”

“I’m Instagram famous, but I’m not beneath sharing the fame…”


“I sent this one to all my cat friends with the caption ‘#ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlaying”

“Hang on, hang on, I need to find my light.”

“I almost have the perfect angle … There! Got it!”

We could all stand to learn a lesson about strengthening our selfie game from this cat. But try as we might, we’ll probably never be up-to-par with this guy. You can find more of Manny’s fierce selfies on his human’s Instagram.

All photo source: yourmahm/Instagram