We all know that cute animal videos can be addicting, but it turns out that they are one of the most healthy addictions that a person can have. In fact, according to studies, looking at cute animal videos not only fights anxiety, annoyance, and sadness, but it boosts positive feelings and has been shown to increase a person’s energy level! Go animals!

Of course, when it comes to online cuteness, cats are king, getting more people to observe their antics than any other animal. The cats of the world are pleased by this. But, if you think that kitty cats by themselves are cute, this video of a cat massaging a pig to sleep will melt your heart, and boost your health. You’re welcome!


Given the emotional abilities and intelligence of pigs, it is no wonder that they have frequently been referred to as “pink puppies.” Seeing this cat and pig cuddling might be a strange sight at first, but after a while, we can’t help but to wonder if they’re really all that different…