Who doesn’t love a kitty kiss? Our cats know how to get our attention and they know what to do to get what they need. When they’re hungry or want to play, they have no problem finding a way to let us know!

In this video compilation, watch various cats wake up their humans. It reminds us of our own precious felines. They are so adorable when they tap us with their paw to make us notice them. They stare at us and give a serious “look at me now” meow. They inch their way closer to our faces to give us a kiss. They nudge their little faces up against our ears. Feed me, play with me! When these moments happen, we can’t help but smile at our feline friends!

The funny thing is, our cats are content to just sit around and relax most of the day. But in those few hours where they’ve got a big dose of energy, you just have to stop what you’re doing and give them some attention.