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Pets light up our lives. There’s no denying it. How many times have you looked forward to burying your face in a belly of fur after a long day at work? It’s a guaranteed stress-buster. What about counting down the days to the weekend because it means that you get to spend more time at the dog park with your beloved animal companion? In both cases, it’s a win-win. It’s amazing how much joy they bring us simply by being a part of our lives. That’s why at the end of their lives, when they move a little slower, but still love a good cuddle session or when they prefer naps to playing fetch, they deserve nothing but the best from us.

Howard, the Golden Retriever in the photos below, is a senior dog who was found wandering the streets by Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. Not knowing anything about his past or what his future would be, the Humane Society of Johnson County (HSJC) welcomed Howard. Life is already tough when you’re a homeless pet, but when you’re also a senior, there are a few more troubles on your plate. Even though senior animals are just as loving as the young ones, they are less likely to be adopted. As it turns out, Howard’s chances were even lower because upon being examined, it was discovered this he had a cancerous tumor in his abdomen and an estimated 12 months to live.  Amazingly, he found a foster mom in their office manager, Pam, who knew that she had to go the extra mile to make the rest of this senior pup’s life pure gold. With the help of HSJC, Howard was given a bucket list and a team of wonderful humans who would help him complete it.

Ticking items off his bucket list, Howard became the cutest honorary firefighter that we’ve ever seen.

He also became an honorary K9 officer (we hope they had dog-safe doughnuts for him)…

He also got to be the Grand Marshall of the Franklin Fall Festival, riding in style in a HSJC convertible.

And he got ice cream — who doesn’t like ice cream?



Howard’s done some great things so far, but his bucket list isn’t through yet. He still has to cross off having a fancy dinner at a local restaurant, getting a doggy massage, and helping all his senior animal friends get saved and find their forever home. HSJC has set up a gofundme campaign in order to raise money to help Howard’s dream of helping senior animals come true. If you want to help by making a donation, click here.

If you’re considering welcoming an animal companion into your life, please adopt and never shop — and consider a senior, like Howard. By adopting, you save the life of your new furry friend and you make room for another homeless pet in the shelter.

To learn more about the Humane Society of Johnson County, visit their official website.

All image source: Humane Society of Johnson County/Facebook