Nobody knows how it happened or who did it. All we know is that Morty, a homeless dog in Bulgaria, is fighting for his life after someone cut off his front paws and one of his ears.

When his rescuer, Desislava Stoyanova, found him, she said the pup was covered in blood and almost unable to move.  He’d found refuge in someone’s backyard until they shooed him away.


Stoyanova, who has been rescuing animals off the streets of Bulgaria for over a decade, isn’t the kind of person who can turn a blind eye to suffering. When she sees a cat or dog in need, she does what she does best: she helps them. Some animals get happy endings, some do not, but what counts is that Stoyanova makes sure their life is not worthless. No animal is invisible in the eyes of Desislava Stoyanova and Morty was no exception.


Running Out of Time

Morty was bleeding extensively and if he’d been left much longer, it’s almost certain that he would have died. Fortunately, Stoyanova got him to the clinic as soon as she could, where he was placed on IV tubes and given a blood transfusion.





Things did not look good. Morty’s limbs were infected and he was severely dehydrated. The vets also discovered that Morty had anemia, which was really slowing him down and draining his energy.

Would he survive? Would Morty’s frail and mutilated body survive the torture it had endured? Poor Morty’s fate was extremely unclear and still hangs in the balance, but there is some good news to report.

While he cannot walk and he can only eat small portions of food because his stomach can’t handle much, he is still alive and vets say he is improving, if only slightly and slowly.


Every day the vets clean his wounds and feed him vitamins while Desislava floods him with love, care, and gentle touches. She says he is still scared and does not know what kindness is, but she hopes that will change the more he gets to know her and learns to trust people again. Given what this pup has endured, we can understand why he is so wary of humans altogether.



While things are stable for Morty at the moment, he is still fighting and Desislava is committed to getting this noble dog all the help he needs. But there’s another obstacle we need to get through in order to give Morty the best chance of survival: the mounting veterinary bills.

How You Can Help Morty

With such severe injuries, Morty’s veterinary treatment has not come cheap and Desislava is struggling to cover the costs. If she can’t pay Morty’s veterinary bills, his treatment will stop. To help raise funds, she posted his story on her Facebook Page, Save Me, on which she often posts stories of animals in need. She can cover part of the bill but not all of it and to make it worse, with Morty still in the hospital and in need of constant veterinary care, the bill is going to keep increasing.

If you’d like to help this kind woman care for Morty, consider sending a donation through the ‘’Save Me’’ page. Share this post and encourage others to stamp out animal cruelty by saving Morty!


Image Source: Desislava Stoyanova