It’s 10 a.m., do you know where your dog is? Perhaps she’s laying on the couch, maybe snuggled under your once made bed, or perhaps she’s getting into some trouble like Lucy is in the video below!

Lucy, a beagle, is pretty resourceful when using furniture to get where she wants to be. The video below catches Lucy red-handed, or should I say red-pawed, as she hops on counter tops to get to some chicken nuggets. Thought counter tops were a dog-free zone? Think again.

However, you can’t even get mad at her because her plan is just so impressive and genius that she in fact deserves a round of applause. She also rightfully earns those chicken nuggets, but you’ll be surprised and shocked to find out where they actually are and how far Lucy goes to get them.

Watch as this incredibly intelligent dog uses the kitchen as her obstacle course to get to her snack and you’ll think twice about leaving your dog in the kitchen alone with any food, no matter where it is.