Some people say that there is no such thing as an off-duty firefighter. The idea behind this statement is that a firefighter, whether they are “on the job” or not will spring into action if they see someone in danger and in need of help. Well, as Tim Tawater, the firefighter in the video above, proves, this kindness extends just as much to animals as it does to humans.

When Tawater and a few neighbors saw a nearby house on fire they immediately called 911. Shortly after the call, however, they realized that there was a dog in the house. Knowing that the roof would collapse into the house at any moment and surely kill the dog, Tawater risked everything and despite the worried cries from his neighbors, decided to enter the house and try to save the pup.


While Tawater was inside of the house trying to coax the pup out safely, the roof collapsed. Luckily, Tawater and the pup emerged seconds later, safe and sound! It wasn’t until the next day that the owners of the house and the puppy’s guardians were able to thank Tawater, calling the heroic decision “the ultimate act of kindness.” The family may have lost their house to the fire, but at least they still have their pup, and it’s all thanks to this kind stranger’s bravery.