Animal rights and welfare organizations put a lot of pressure on celebrities to do right by animals. In some cases, celebs make a half-hearted display to win over the animal lover crowd. But it means so much more and says so great things about a celebrities’s character when they support animals without pressure or expecting something in return.

Houston singer-songwriter Arthur Yoria is a perfect example of what an animal rights conscious celebrity should be.


Yoria and the World Animal Awareness society set out to film the closing song “Ruff Life” for their documentary about the numerous stray dogs in Houston.

On their drive through the city, the group came across three stray dogs. When the rescue team got out to try and interact with them, two of the dogs fled into the underbrush, but one small chestnut-colored puppy stayed behind.

Upon closer inspection, they decided that the eight-week-old stray would make a fantastic addition to their video – but after filming, Yoria couldn’t bring himself to leave the poor thing behind. She was covered in fleas and was much thinner than she should have been.

Yoria rescued the stray pup from the streets and named her after famous singer, actress, and dancer Rita Hayworth. Now Rita has a fantastic, full life of love ahead of her.


Stay tuned for the documentary Operation Houston by the World Animal Awareness Society. Also, check out the music video for “Ruff Life” Rita Hayworth’s big debut!