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Unfortunately, dog fighting is a common practice found in many corners of the world. In the U.S., underground dog fighting operations typically stay well-hidden, and even though the serious issue was brought into a major public spotlight by the controversy with a professional athlete-turned dog fighter, Michael Vick, dog fighting still remains widespread and unregulated.

What many people do not realize is that dogs are not the only animals abused in these fighting operations. Other animals, like kittens and pigs (or hogs or boars), are regularly used as bait for fighting dogs who have been violently trained to become vicious and attack. Although these “hog-dog” fighting operations are common in the South in the U.S., a petition on Care2 explains that the practice is a common pastime in Java, Indonesia as well.

The petition explains the scene of these hog-dog fights in Java: crowds of people encircle around pits where dogs are forced to fight against wild boars, desperately fighting for their lives until just one is left standing. Although this practice has only been occurring since the 1960s, those who participate wrongfully use the name of “cultural tradition” to defend the brutality. The real reason behind these operations is profit, as owners of the “winning” dogs can fetch up to $2,000 from fights while also boosting the value of the offspring of the “winners.”

Please take a moment to stand up for these dogs and boars and sign the petition addressed to West Java’s Governor Ahmad Heryawan demanding these corrupt businesses get shut down immediately.

And please remember to share this with your network to educate others on the very serious global issue of dog fighting!

Image Source: R. Drozda/Flickr