Keeping orca whales, dolphins and other marine animals in captivity is extremely cruel. We have witnessed the mental and physical damage that a captive environment inflicts on these highly social and emotional animals; yet, hundreds of marine mammals are still being held in marine parks across the world. Why? Education … apparently.

Marine parks, like SeaWorld, have long used the excuse that captivity helps teach people about marine animals. By getting people to see whales and dolphins up close and personal, these parks foster a deeper appreciation of these animals and inspire people to learn more … right?

Wrong. As Dr. John Hall, the former research director for SeaWorld San Diego explains, whatever little educational benefits that marine parks had in the 1950s and 60s have completely disappeared in modern times. The fact is, we know too much about how captivity harms these animals to justify keeping them captive to “educate” people. What we really need to learn now is how to protect these amazing creatures in the wild, and that certainly cannot be accomplished at SeaWorld.