Fortunately for the animals, many people know exactly what to do when they encounter a living being in need of help. As the organization Animals Lebanon reports, recently, a sea turtle in a serious predicament came across precisely such people – and thanks to them, the animal was returned to the ocean, safe and sound!

The sea turtle, rescued by Charbel El Hajj off the coast of Chekka, had the misfortune of getting entangled in a plastic bag – something that seems to happen now, basically on a daily basis.

The kind people who spotted the animal picked her up and carefully removed all the plastic tangled around her. Afterward, they released the turtle back into the ocean where she was finally able to swim freely.

Entanglement is one of the leading dangers that plastic marine debris poses to marine animals. Globally, we throw into the oceans around 8.8 million tons of plastic waste every year, the enormous number being a grave threat to the wildlife and their habitat.

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