Veeru‘s story began when Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a donkey who had been brutally beaten with a pipe. As the rescuers found, the animal had been hit repeatedly all over his head and body in a shocking act of cruelty. The team set out immediately to find the donkey and, once they got to the animal, transported him to Animal Aid. There, his bleeding was stopped and he received pain medication as well as antibiotics. The veterinarians had to treat more than 20 deep wounds that they found on Veeru’s body.

“We have never seen cruelty like this before,” the team writes about the abuse. The rescue reported the crime to the police and assisted in finding the abuser and getting him arrested. The abuser was charged – and he is now awaiting trial.

In the meantime, the rescuers treated the donkey’s wounds and gained his trust for five weeks. That was also when they gave him the name Veeru – which means “brave” in Hindi.

It took time, but Veeru finally started to trust people again and his appearance and demeanor is now entirely changed. At the rescue, he found his forever home where he will be safe for the rest of his life.

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