Things didn’t look good for a juvenile harp seal who was discovered last month on Kingbury Beach in Cape Cod. Found dehydrated and suffering from respiratory distress and a parasitic infection, the mammal was in need serious help. A volunteer from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) was dispatched to assess the situation and it was clear this little one would need a lot of special care.

IFAW team members contacted the National Marine Life Center, where he was given the name Frank “Sealnatra” and began his month-long treatment to nurse him back to health.

Frank was given a full veterinary check up on a regular basis to make sure he would recover.

After putting on weight and showing significant improvement to his health, Frank was ready to be released back into the wild. 

All of his caretakers came out to see his farewell back into the ocean.

And like a true legend, fans were there to cheer him on.

Feeling the sand for the first time in a month.

Home, sweet home!

Farewell, friends!



After pausing to roll in the sand, Frank hurried off into the frigid water and swam straight out into the ocean. We’re so glad to know that there are some incredible rescuers who dedicate their live’s work to helping animals like Frank. To learn more about their incredible work, visit the pages of IFAW and National Marine Life Center.

All image source: National Marine Life Center