They say that clothes make the man, but whoever said that has never met this adorable calf. Calvin, a rescued calf, is a resident of Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey. As winter temperatures descend upon the Northeast,  Skylands workers are preparing the animals for the bitter cold. Little Calvin here looks so stylish in his winter gear that they had to share photos on their official Facebook page.

Calvin the calf is sporting a monochromatic camo-print fleece with a bright orange trim that compliments his sepia fur.

Cold weather won’t be a problem for Calvin — looking good won’t be either. 

“You’re sure that you don’t have any accessories that I can match to my new fleece?” 

Check out this video the sanctuary posted, where this little cow proudly struts his stuff. We only wish that we were as confident as Calvin when we were that young. But hey, when you look that fashionable, how can you not be confident?


All image source: Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue/Facebook