Awww, look at this baby squirrel! Doesn’t he just melt your heart?

Be sure to watch for the difference before and after this baby squirrel eats his breakfast. He’s so tiny, but when he’s done eating you can see the evidence there in the bulge of his tummy. Did he just eat his own weight in formula? It kind of looks that way. He’s a pretty messy eater too and he needs his surrogate human mommy to wipe his face clean.

We here at One Green Planet are  so glad that there are people like Alicia DeMay, director at City Wildlife in D.C., who care for the little creatures that need us, like this guy. If you’re glad too, consider donating to help more babies like this cutie by going to this link. Every little bit helps to raise little ones like this guy so that they can eventually go back to the wild.